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My Programming NoteBook

After many countless psychometric tests, the one that stuck with me was I am a Maven. I like learning things for the pure joy of sharing with others. I have a little over two years of experience as a facilitator at a college in South Africa and through my time there I learnt that teaching is one of the dearest things in my heart . I will be sharing the things I learn throughout my programming journey here. Granted that my programming journey extends some years prior to this point but going forward I will put a lot of effort in updating this section of my portfolio in blog format to ensure that whoever lands here can gain a thing or two if not many as I continue to learn about programming.

This will extend to other areas of interest such as User experience and User Interface design, Search Engine Optimization, Copywriting and Digital Marketing to name a few. I am constantly learning new things and jump from topic to so forgive since the will not be a linear publishing of the blog posts that will be published. I will do my best to sort them into different topics or disciplines to make it easy for anyone reading this perhaps even myself but for the most parts I will continuously share my learnings and findings through this platform.

October 2022

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